The History of the Rolex GMT-Master

Like so many other of Rolex’s sports watches, the Rolex GMT-Master is an exceedingly popular model right now – particularly in stainless steel. Nearly all Rolex GMT-Master watches are selling for significantly more than their original retail prices on the secondary market, and certain well-preserved vintage examples have been known to break the six-figure price point at auction. Thus far, Rolex has made eight generations of the GMT-Master over almost seven decades, and two major variations in the form of the GMT 1 and the GMT 2.

So, where did it all begin? How has Rolex’s beloved pilot watch, which debuted in 1955, changed over time? Join us as we discuss the early history of the Rolex GMT-Master, outline the evolution from the GMT-Master I to the GMT-Master II, review important collection milestones, and examine the newest – and most unique – GMT reference to join the fleet. Keep reading for a succinct history of the Rolex GMT-Master.

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